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Contemporary Artists

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Encyclopedia Britannica: Try searching for terms like Pop Art or individual artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, or Banksy (a username and password is required if accessing this from your home - see Mrs Phillips or your teacher)

Tate Kids provides some easy to read profiles of artists, and also has articles on different styles including op art and conceptual artand a video on pop art

The Art Encyclopedia has a huge amount of infomation on contemporary art, including biographies of top contemporary artists and the top 100 postmodernist artists

The Art Story has profiles on modern artists, including contemporary artists as well as information on Modern Art and Postmodernism

New Zealand artists: 

Try Artist biographies from Te Papa

The Art topic on NZ History includes artist biographies such as Colin McCahon and Rita Angus 

Cultural Icons celebrates people who have shaped New Zealand's arts & culture scene.

To search for New Zealand magazine articles, try searching the NZ/Australia Reference Centre (a username and password is required if accessing this from your home - see Mrs Phillips or your teacher)

The following sites will be useful when you are looking for information about New Zealand topics.


A great first place to look is at Te Ara: The Encyclopedia of New Zealand. It covers a huge range of New Zealand topics including history, environment, culture, economy, etc.

To find magazine or newspaper articles on specific topics you can search the Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre. Once you have entered your search words you can limit your results to full text articles (on the left of the results page). If you want to look at this database from home you will need the EPIC username and password, available from Mrs Phillips.

Digital NZ is search engine for New Zealand culture. It 
includes interviews, video, newspaper clippings, maps, photographs, audio and artworks from the 19th century to today. It provides access to digitised material from Te Papa, the Alexander Turnbull Library, Auckland Art Gallery, Te Ara, NZ On Screen and many more.

NZ History produced by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage provides information organised into t
hree broad categories: Culture and society, Politics and government, and War and society, or you can browse events, people, and places.  It includes a helpful article on the History of New Zealand 1796-1914

Papers Past provides access to historic New Zealand newspapers and magazines from 1839-1948.

Specific topics:

Famous New Zealanders: Try the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography (note that it does not include New Zealanders who are still alive).  World-changing New Zealanders features  40+ definitive short biographies of New Zealanders who have changed or benefited the world in some way. NZHistory's People section also contains an alphabetical list of historically significant New Zealanders. Christchurch City Libraries also has a section on Famous People for Kids (scroll down to the section on New Zealanders).  Or take a look at the National Library's Topic Explorer on Famous New Zealanders or Maori Heroes.

Being a New Zealander: Te Ara has a great article called The New Zealanders which looks at how those living or born in New Zealand have formed a unique people, with their own traditions and ways of life.

New Zealand artists: Try Artist biographies from Te Papa or look at the Art topic on NZ History (scroll down the page to see biographies).  Cultural Icons celebrates people 
who have shaped New Zealand's arts & culture scene.

Christchurch history: Christchurch City Libraries Early Christchurch provides i
nformation about a wide range of topics about the early European settlement of Christchurch and Canterbury. For a brief summary try City of Christchurch European Settlement.  City of Christchurch – Ngāi Tahu provides a brief summary of Maori settlement in Otautahi/Christchurch.

New Zealand Places: For brief summaries of a wide range of locations in New Zealand (from provinces/regions down to specific suburbs look at Te Ara's Places.

Government and politics: New Zealand Politics Timeline is timeline of New Zealand political events from 1642 to 2004.  Or try Te Ara for information on the System of Government in  NZ. The NZ Parliament's Visit and Learn area of their website has a wide range of information including How Parliament Works and History.

New Zealand History:  For an overview of New Zealand history from Maori arrival and settlement until the 1980's try Te Ara's History storyOr take a look at the National Library's Topic Explorer on New Zealand History

The Treaty of Waitangi: Christchurch City Libraries provides an list of websites on The Treaty of Waitangi .

New Zealand disasters: Christchurch City Libraries also has information about many notable disasters, as well as a chronological list, at New Zealand Disasters.  Also try Digital NZ for images, videos etc.

The Pacific: Look at Encyclopeadia Britannica's articles on Polynesian exploration and Polynesian culture.  Also try Te Ara's Pacific Islands and New Zealand.

Kiwiana: Try the National Libraries hot topic on Kiwiana (also take a look at it's sister site Kiwianaor Many Answers homework help on Kiwiana.

Immigration to New Zealand: Te Ara is a great place to look for information on specific people/cultures who came to New Zealand,  and Origins and Arrivals includes the History of Immigration.  For links to other relevant websites try Immigration to New Zealand - recent and historic from the National Library.

ANZAC Day: Try ANZAC and ANZAC Day from the National Library.


Try typing your topic into the Encyclopedia Britannica search box eg World War 1:

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Check out the Library's catalogue to see if there are any books that might help.  Remember the library catalogue is not Google, you need to search a broad term eg "World War 1" then look at the book to see if it covers the specific topic you are interested in.

If you are studying World War 1 or World War 2 you might want to look at one of the following collections of websites: 

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World War I 

First World War resources for New Zealand schools Quality information on the First World War to support teaching and learning, provided by the National Library.

Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand First World War focuses on New Zealand's involvement in WW1.

WW100  is a site dedicated to remembering World War One 100 years on.  See especially Discover WW1 and Find WW1 Content for images, audio, video and more relating to New Zealand and the First World War. World War One:  Provides an article summarising the history of WW1 as well as numerous short videos including Tech Developments of World War I and World War One Firsts

BBC World War One: A great resource including a WWI timeline, interactive guides and information on changes in military medicine and air warfare. See also BBC Schools World War One.

40 maps that explain WW1 collects together 40 maps that explain the conflict — why it started, how the Allies won, and why the world has never been the same.

NZ History's New Zealand and the First World War has a lot of detailed information about New Zealand's involvement, including an illustrated timeline.

RSA Gallipoli timelineProvides a useful chronology of events at Gallipoli,based on the Gallipoli Diary from Major Fred Waite DSO.

The NZ On Screen World War I Collection provides access to a unique collection of New Zealand made documentaries and short films about New Zealand's involvement in WW1.

Radio New Zealand's The war to end all wars is an interactive website which includes audio recordings of personal accounts, photos, and an interactive chronological map.  The War Reports section provides a week-by-week audio picture of how the war changed the lives of a generation and includes contemporary newspaper reports and extracts from letters home from soldiers and nurses.


Searching EPIC is a great place to start your research. You will need a password and username to search EPIC, ask Mrs Phillips if you haven't received these details. Try looking at Encyclopedia Britannica first, this will give you a great overview of your topic and also will give you ideas for keywords to use in other databases. If the search words you use don't bring you the results you were hoping for, try either a broader or more specific search term eg try "recycling" rather than "sustainability". If you want more detailed information you might want to try searching Science in Context Gale in Context Environmental Studies or Global Issues in Context.

If you are wanting information specifically about New Zealand, try looking at Te Ara: The Encyclopedia of New Zealand.

Another source of New Zealand information is the EPIC database, the Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre. Once you have entered your search words you can limit your results to full text articles, and those published only in NZ/Australia by checking the domestic newspaper/magazines options under Source Types heading (on the left of the results page).

If you are a member of Christchurch City Libraries (it's free and easy to join) you can search World Book Living Green.  Explore environmental issues and current efforts to reduce human impact on the environment. You will need to use it at your local public library or enter your library card & password / PIN from home or school.

Look at this LiveBinder for links to great websites on various aspects of sustainability being covered at Chisnallwood this term.

Search the library Catalogue to find books on your topic.