Summer Reading

Why read over summer?
Research shows that reading ability can decline during the summer break. In order to combat this we are encouraging returning Year 7 students to borrow school library books over the summer holidays.

How to borrow books over the summer
Parents must sign a permission form (available from the library or print it from here) agreeing that their child will be returning to Chisnallwood Intermediate in 2021 and that they will return the books during the first week of school 2021. Once this form is signed students can borrow up to 10 books over the summer holidays.

Who can borrow books over summer?
Any Year 7 student who is returning in 2021, has a completed permission form, and has no overdue books.

How to choose the right book
Search the library CATALOGUE
You can also look at the FIND BOOKS tab for links to book suggestions and reviews.
Ask teachers, librarians, and friends for recommendations.

How can parents help?
Role model reading.
Talk about what you are reading and what your child is reading.
Use the public library:
Going away on holiday – try an eBook! Christchurch City Libraries has a huge eBook selection for kids, teens, and adults.  All you need is a device, library number and PIN.           
Encourage wide reading—novels, non-fiction, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers.
Any reading is good reading.