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Want to find a great book to read? Check out these sites for book suggestions, reviews, and more!

Christchurch City Libraries Kids: Information on fun things to read and do. Check out the Books and Reading section which includes Booklists giving some great reading suggestions based on books and authors that you may already enjoy, and Holiday Reading for a selection of recommended books. You might also want to look at their Best Reads page for lists of the best and most popular books for each year since 2000.

The Pulse/Te Auaha: 
Is a Christchurch City Libraries website aimed at teens and has heaps of information on everything affecting young people, including tips on the latest cool stuff to read, watch and listen to. See Booklists for loads of reading suggestions, Reviews to links to the best book review sites for teens, as well If you like ... dystopian for young adult fiction series like The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner or If you like ... The Fault In Our Stars if you are a fan of John Green

Read Alikes
If you've read a great book and want to find another just like it, then try this site.  It's organised by genre (eg science fiction, humour, action adventure) making it easy to find a book you'll love.

If They Like...They'll Love: M
atches a selection of  books or authors every month. It's a perfect way for you to discover new authors to read.

Read it! Loved it!:
ustralian librarian Gavin Jones’s website offers age-specific book recommendations for people aged 10 to 16. The aim is to help you find great books to read and love.

Literature Map:
Type in the name of the author and an interactive map of authors will come up with other authors' names in relationship to how similar they are to the original author.

What should I read next?
: Search by author or title in this database of 75,000 titles to get book recommendations and suggestions for what to read next.

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